What is a patent?

When you invent a new product or process, which is useful and reproducible for industrial application, we recommend you file a patent application with the competent authority to protect your legitimate rights and interests. If your patent application meets the requirements stipulated in the Patent Act, a patent will be granted after examination. You are given an exclusive right to make, offer for sale, sell, use, or import the product or the product obtained directly by that process, allowing you to prevent third parties from commercially exploiting the invention without your consent.

There are three types of patents, namely invention, utility model, and design patents:
  1. An invention is a creation of technical ideas utilizing the laws of nature.
  2. A utility model is a creation of technical ideas relating to the shape or structure of an article or combination of articles, utilizing the laws of nature.
  3. A design means the creation made in respect of the shape, pattern, color, or any combination thereof, of an article as a whole or in part by visual appeal.
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