Areas of Practice
  • domestic and foreign patent search, drafting, filing, prosecution, granting, appeal, administrative litigation, and invalidation
  • patent maintenance, assignment, licensing and pledge
  • patent investigation, patent analysis and patent validity analysis
  • patent evaluation, design-around consultation, patent mapping, patent portfolio management
  • domestic and foreign trademark search, filing, prosecution, registration, appeal, and administrative litigation
  • trademark renewal, assignment, licensing and pledge
  • trademark opposition, invalidation and revocation
Other IP matters
  • filing for copyright recordation
  • filing for registration for the circuit layout
  • intellectual property merger and acquisition, transferring, licensing, and pledge
  • IP strategy counselling
  • technology analysis
Infringement and IP Ligitation
  • patent infringement analysis and damages assessing
  • trademark infringement analysis and damages assessing
  • warning letter drafting and responses and requesting detention for alleged infringing products
  • representing civil and criminal litigation for domestic and foreign intellectual property infringement, and requesting remedies for intellectual property infringement
  • dispute resolution
  • long-term legal conselling for intellectural property related laws
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