Trademark introduction

A trademark is used for identifying the specific source of goods or services provided. Taiwan adopts first-to-file examination and registration system for trademark protection.
When two or more trademark applications relating to identical or similar trademarks which designate identical or similar goods or services are filed separately by different applicants, the earlier application filed will be considered for registration.
Once registered, the proprietor of the registered trademark has the exclusive right of the trademark in relation to the designated goods or services within the protection period. Any third party is prohibited from using similar marks on similar goods or services without the consent of the proprietor.
A registered trademark can help you to establish trust and goodwill among the customers in the market. Moreover, a valid trademark is a valuable asset which can be assigned, licensed or pledged for money. More important, owning a trademark can render you a defence to an attack by a third party challenging the use of that mark, especially when the third part is a trademark squatter.

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